Frequently Asked Questions

We currently work with of 32 participating dealers with operations reaching Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island that you can purchase our liquidated vehicles from.
No! Absolutely Not! We will set you up with an appointment at the participating dealership closest to you, so that you can check out the vehicle. Take a test drive if you’d like! When you lock-in the deal, there is absolutely no commitment to buying the car. The only commitment is the LOCKED-IN sale price that was featured on our website.
After locking-in the deal on our website, we will contact you and set up an appointment for you to view the vehicle at your closest participating dealership.
The price that you lock-in will be the selling price of the car. Like every new car purchase, there are some normal required costs such as tax, registration and document fees, which is different depending on the state you are in. There is no way getting around these fees, whether it be buying through our company or through a dealership not affiliated with us.


So let me ask YOU, is it better getting a DEAL with the normal fees, or buying it at RETAIL with the normal fees. I think we all know the answer to that one.

We usually get new inventory weekly so check back for a new deal if you don’t see one you like today. We are a “bargain hunter’s” favorite site, where deals come and go on the fly! If you are looking for something specific, let us know! We will keep our eyes peeled.
Dealerships finance the vehicles sitting on their lot, and when one sits longer than most, it is costing the dealer money everyday unsold by tightening their cash flow and allocation for new vehicles. By handing these vehicles off to Easy Buy Auto Deals for below cost, the dealerships are freed up with space, cash flow, and availability of new vehicles featured on their lot.

When we deliver the vehicle to your nearest participating dealer there is a very minimal fee we charge the dealer (already in the bargain price you locked-in). We are a very lean company with little overhead, allowing us to make a couple bucks on logistics and be happy with it!

Everyone wins, including you.

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